Elizabeth Adams - President & Treasurer


I was introduced to this small but incredible organization in 2017 as a sophomore in high school. Participating in fundraisers and awarding scholarships with K4K has expanded my outlook and brought me to the realization that cancer patients are some of the most brave, interesting, and inspiring people among us. One particularly impactful applicant’s essay conveyed how she found comfort through encouragement from others, which I hope to provide through K4K. I hold so much admiration for the kids who not only fight against cancer, but who also step up and ask for help when they need it. I strive to support them by working to expand this organization and the number of individuals we benefit. 

Charles Sampson - Director


I’m Charles Sampson, and I have been a part of Kids 4 Kids since the fall of 2015. I became involved when my friend Isaac Goldstone asked me to step in and fill the shoes of some members of the organization who were going off to college.  I jumped on the opportunity, realizing how this experience could really broaden my perspective and allow me to help make a difference in the community.  Having now read the stories of cancer survivors and learning of the hardships they have overcome, it is a heartwarming experience to know that we at Kids 4 Kids can really leave an impact in their lives by awarding them with scholarships to help them fund and pursue their dreams.  I look forward to continuing to work with Kids 4 Kids to leave a positive impact in these extraordinary people’s lives.


Sarah Dickerson - director


My name is Sarah Dickerson, and I joined Kids 4 Kids as a sophomore in the fall of 2017. I was excited to have an opportunity to help cancer survivors across the country and even the world afford to go to college and receive the education they might not have been able to have. Sometimes we tend to take advantage of the circumstances and opportunities we are given, and being able to help give those opportunities to others warms my heart. During the scholarship application process, I truly enjoy reading the stories of some of the bravest people I know; I’m filled with admiration for them for surviving the hardships they went through. I am looking forward to continuing work with Kids 4 Kids and am excited about the future of the organization. 

Brock CAnnon - Director

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I’m Brock Cannon, and I joined Kids 4 Kids in the fall of 2015. I first joined when leadership roles opened up as a result of previous members graduating to college, and my friend Isaac Goldstone invited me to join the organization. While I had only participated in a few of their fundraisers, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of cancer survivors, not just in my community but across the country. Over my time with Kids 4 Kids, I have realized the importance of the work we do. Each time we give out a scholarship I can not help but be overwhelmed with as sense of accomplishment and pride in the work we are doing and the impact we have on other’s lives. I hope to continue my work in the coming years and make the greatest impact possible on the incredible people that we help.

Isaac goldstone - co-founder and director


Since our inception in 2010, I have watched Kids 4 Kids with Cancer develop into a truly incredible organization, and I am proud to have made a difference in the lives of so many impressive individuals.  Witnessing the huge adversity that our recipients have faced and seeing how they have persevered has been a really humbling experience, and everyday I am inspired to do my best to help bring their dream of a higher education to fruition.  It is hard to believe that a small group of kids can make such a huge difference in the lives of so many, and I am hopeful that our efforts will inspire others to make a positive change in their own communities.  I am honored to be the leader of Kids 4 Kids, and I am excited about the future of our organization.

Past Directors

Sam Goldstone

Patrick Kowalski

Hunter Kowalski

Natalie Spence

Prentiss Havens