What is Kids 4 Kids With Cancer?

Kids 4 Kids With Cancer is a 5013c non-profit organization developed by four childhood friends in an effort to make a difference. K4K distributes financial assistance for education to survivors of childhood cancer who are actively enrolled in school.


What does Kids 4 Kids With Cancer do?

The purpose of K4K is to raise funds and award scholarships to survivors of childhood cancer for use in their continuing education. The organization engages in three major activities to generate funds for disbursements:

1. Fundraising events - We organize two to four fundraising activities per year that are attended by kids. To date, these have included pumpkin carvings, pizza and rock-n-roll band (kids band!) parties, fun runs, and sporting events.

2. Donations - K4K solicits donations through word of mouth, free press, and in the context of fundraising events.

3. Grants - We have applied for and received grants from charitable trusts. 


How can kids run a charity?

With determination and commitment, Kids 4 Kids With Cancer board members are able to drive the charity's efforts. K4K's officers and directors meet regularly in person or by Skype to brainstorm on events, discuss preparation of grant proposals, and review applications from childhood cancer survivors. The officers and directors allocate responsibilities for preparing for and executing the fundraisers and events. Scholarship applications are reviewed by all with careful consideration and disbursement and communication follows. 

How many students have you helped?

Since our inception in October of 2010, K4K has helped raise funds for educational aid. The first year of activity yielded funding for a scholarship to a young nurse advancing her degree to become a nurse practitioner serving the pediatric oncology population! As of this year, our 6th anniversary, we are proud to have raised over $100,000 and awarded around 50 scholarships. With the growth of K4K and the opportunities on the horizon, we hope to continue our distribution of educational aid each semester. And, with fingers crossed, the number of scholarships at each distribution will increase.


How much money have you raised?

In less than five years K4K has raised over to $100,000 through fundraising events, foundation grants, and donations from wonderful supporters in the community. The Organization’s directors and management anticipate that all of K4K income, net of what is anticipated to be limited operating expenses, will be used for disbursements or put directly back into K4K for additional fundraising activities.


How can I help?

Getting involved in K4K is easy and all forms of participation are welcome! You or your company can help Kids 4 Kids with financial contributions, sponsorship donations, volunteering at fundraisers and raising awareness by spreading the word about Kids 4 Kids in your community. If you know someone who has survived childhood cancer, have them apply for financial aid on our website or on other cancer related websites including www.cancer.org or www.ped-onc.org/scholarships/


How can my school help?

You and your school can help K4K with our fundraisers! There are many avenues to support Kids 4 Kids including volunteering your time at a K4K fundraiser, having your band play at an event, refereeing a sporting match, or even with the set-up/clean-up are all ways to contribute. Also, any fundraising event through the school can designate as the charity recipient. Having formal 5013c status allows true "charitable" donations. If your class or school has any ideas (or you just want to brainstorm) please contact us and we will be happy to collaborate!